I have been a graphic designer in the Atlanta area for over a dozen years, specializing in brand identity and creation. I love design because I believe that good work—whether done by for-profits or non-profits, large or small—should be represented beautifully. If you do good work and need design to help it grow, let’s talk!


A strong brand captures more than just what you do; it evokes the distinctiveness of how you do it. My role is first to listen to your story. What do you do? Why are you excited about it? What do you bring that no one else can? I’ll help you find the visual elements that express the answers to these questions. Give me your best 1,000 words, and I’ll give you a design that stands out in a world of short attention spans.


There are plenty of good reasons to work with an independent designer. Here are just a few:

  • I am the chief art director. I am also the lead customer support agent. For that matter, I’m the CEO, the bookkeeper and the scheduler. You will always be talking with the person who can answer your questions, make decisions and do the work itself.
  • From the first conversation to the final deliverables, every part of every project is important to me. Yours will never get lost in the shuffle or skipped on the calendar.
  • Having been independent for a decade, I have developed a great network of talented copywriters, web designers, photographers, printers…everything you’d find in a big agency. The only difference is that you won’t pay big agency rates.